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Dreamii™ Dual Comfort 2 in 1 Sleep Pillow

Dreamii™ Dual Comfort 2 in 1 Sleep Pillow

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  • Dual Plush/Firm Sides: Experience the best of both worlds with a soft, cloud-like plush side and a firm side for robust support. Simply flip for your preferred comfort.
  • Shape-Holding Memory Foam: Crafted with breathable memory foam that maintains its shape and viscosity for a consistently comfortable sleep.
  • Spinal Alignment Magic: Achieve correct spinal alignment, bid farewell to sore backs and shoulders, and relish in improved sleep quality.
  • For Every Sleeper: Designed for back, side, and front sleepers, ensuring a personalized and luxurious sleep experience.
  • 120-Nights Guarantee: Sleep worry-free with our 120-night money-back guarantee.
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Discover Dreamii Duo For
Your Best Night's Sleep!

  • Dual-Sided Plush & Firm Dual-Sided Plush & Firm
  • Perfect spinal alignment Perfect spinal alignment
  • Perfect For Every Sleeper Perfect For Every Sleeper
  • Memory Foam Stability Memory Foam Stability
  • Enhanced Support & Quality Sleep Enhanced Support & Quality Sleep
  • 120-night Money Back Guarantee 120-night Money Back Guarantee
As Seen On TV!

Cloud-like Softness or Supportive Embrace?

Dreamii™'s dual comfort design lets you choose your sleep adventure. Whether you're in the mood for plush, cloud-like softness or firm, supportive comfort, Dreamii™ has you covered. It's like having two pillows in one, and you're the director of your sleep story. No more compromise; it's all about your preferences. 

One Pillow Fits All

One Pillow Fits All

Switch between plush and firm sides for tailored support. Crafted with breathable memory foam, it promotes correct spinal alignment, reducing discomfort for a better sleep experience.

Customizable Comfort

Customizable Comfort

Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, this combination can help you achieve the comfort and support you need for a restful night's sleep.

Dream Your Way: Plush or Firm

Experience personalized sleep bliss with our Dual Comfort collection. This double-sided pillow offer dual firmness, letting you tailor your sleep haven to plush softness or firm support. Your customized rest awaits with Dual Comfort.

Firm Side

Firm Side

Stable and supportive surface maintaining its shape throughout the night, ensuring consistent support and proper spinal alignment.

Plush Side

Plush Side

Cloud-like softness that envelops you in a gentle embrace, providing a feeling of ultimate luxury and relaxation.

Dreamii™ Dual Comfort 2 Sided Sleep Pillow - Unlock the secrets of deep, rejuvenating sleep with Dreamii™. This 2-sided pillow offers a soft, cloud-like plush side and a firm side for personalized comfort. Crafted with shape-holding memory foam, it guarantees consistent comfort and correct spinal alignment. Suitable for back, side, and front sleepers, the skin-friendly cover adds a touch of luxury. Dreamii™ - where technology meets tranquility.

Real-Life Comfort Stories

From rediscovering TV comfort to enjoying a plush sleep or finding extra neck support, check out these personalized experiences. Uncover the versatility that enhances bedtime and TV lounging alike. Witness what this pillow can do in the lives of those who've made it an essential part of their everyday comfort.